Izzy Doing Fine

Posted in boys, dog, family on 3 July 08 by mikevc

I realized I left this hanging.  Izzy is doing great.  She is fully recovered and is a mischievous little puppy.  I think we caught it early enough that we were able to stop the Parvo in its tracks.  She seemed to be completely better on the third day.  We had been bracing for a miserable week.  We were even able to stop the IV treatments early she did so well.  So, she is doing great healthwise.  Now, we need to work on the jumping on people–especially the boys.  She was so excited to see everyone when we woke up this morning that she knocked Tobe over and scared him a bit.  Oh well, we much prefer that to where she was a couple of weeks ago.

Izzy Update

Posted in family, Izzy on 21 June 08 by mikevc

Not wanting to jinx anything, I will be cautious in saying that things seem to be looking up for Iz. When I woke up this morning and came into the kitchen, she scurried off of the couch and came to me. She had hardly moved from her spot of the sofa for two days. On top of that, I noticed her food was gone, which would be the first food she had eaten in a while. It might have been eaten by the cat. Letitia and I (mostly Letitia-I just held the bag) gave her the first home IV today (she had already gotten one at the vet). After this, she again got tired and lay down for quite a while.

Several hours later, she got up and was somewhat hyper–for a sick dog at least. She went into the kitchen and drank her water, which she hadn’t done either–we had been giving her water via a syringe. Then, she went to the backdoor and went outside. She stayed out there for a while running around. I brought her inside and she still ran around exploring the house for the first time. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk and she rushed to the door with me. We walked (or, she walked me) for quite a ways. We went all the way to Jonah’s school and back (several blocks). Even though it started to rain, she didn’t want to go home; she still wanted to run around. Once she got home, she played fetch for half an hour with an old stuffed animal of Tobe’s (Boots from Dora the Explorer) with the boys and I. I don’t want to be overly optimistic but she did not look or act like a dog with a 50% chance at survival.

Since then she has eaten half a bowl of her special food and has not vomited since returning from the vet. So, she is resting quietly now. And, we hope that things are definitely looking up for her.

New Pup = Sick

Posted in dog, food on 20 June 08 by mikevc

As some readers of this blog know, I got a new dog for father’s day.  When we got her home she was much calmer than when we met her the day before at the local SPCA.  We thought it was just her recovering slowly from her surgery.  On the second day she was a bit more lively and played with the boys and I.  After that, she again got very lethargic.  Yesterday, she went to the vet for her first visit and seemed fine.  By last night, she barely moved off of the sofa and began vomiting.  Letitia took her to the vet immediately this morning.  It turns out she has Parvo (canine parvovirus).

She obviously got it at the SPCA where we got her from.  One of the options was to return her to the SPCA but that would definitely mean they would have put her down.  Instead, we are treating her at home with an IV and antibiotics from the vet, where she also got an injection to slow the vomitting.  We hope it works.  She is really sick.  Between yesterday’s visit to the vet and today, she lost 2 pounds (which is 10% of her body weight).   She barely moves right now.  The vet said there was a 70% chance that she will recover and we should know within a few days or a week.

So, we all have our fingers crossed.  We were going to post pictures of her here and to flickr but haven’t taken pictures and don’t really feel up to it now.  Here’s hoping that a week from now, we will be able to post some great shots of a healthy and happy pup.

Latest Dilemma

Posted in library stuff, music, rambling on 24 May 08 by mikevc

So, here is my dilemma. Next weekend is the event that I have spent the last year and a half working toward as Chief of Central Services: the reopening of the Central Library in Houston. It is going to be a big deal and a lot of fun. There will be authors, music, food, puppets, dancing, games (video and other), books, and fun (again). I would encourage folks to attend.

It just so happens that the night before the celebration, the Old 97’s are coming to town. I have been a fan of them as long as I have known my wife (I know this is odd and seemingly random but I remember first discovering them the day before our first date (November 1997)). It was the 97’s who turned me on to Bloodshot Records and the whole alt-country thing of the late 90s, which opened a whole world of music I did not know existed at the time. In the past ten years or so, they have come to town numerous times but something has always prevented me from attending.   In most cases, I was out of town when they were here.  They are rumoured to be a great live band. I will grant that their latest release is good but not as great (to my ears) as their early stuff and they have strayed a bit from the country twang that was so endearing in their earliest releases (AND some members moved from Texas to Los Angeles (Booo!!)) but they remain a solid band and I still would like to catch their show.

Now, knowing that next weekend is realistically the biggest moment in my career (also 10 years), should I attend a show the night before? Part of me says I should since I will be so nervous I will be unable to sleep anyway and a great show will calm my nerves and take my mind off of the big event. Another (more sensible?) part says I shouldn’t because I will be exhausted and I need to be able to be in a great mood as I welcome thousands to the library.

So, what should I do?

It occurs to me that things must be going fairly well life-wise if this is the most serious problem I am facing.

I hate to admit it but…

Posted in music on 20 May 08 by mikevc

I am a big fan of Weezer. I have been since 1994 when I first heard the opening arpeggios-into-power-chords of “My Name is Jonas” on their eponymous debut (now known as the Blue Album) on my beloved yellow Sony Sports Walkman cassette player (which incidentally lasted longer than any MP3 player I have ever owned).  “Surfwax America” and “In the Garage” further solidified my loyalty to that first album, which was a staple of my running albums back when I did five miles a day.  Since then, Rivers and crew have put out some high quality albums but nothing that matched that first album.  Here’s hoping their eponymous new album (The Red Album) reaches those heights and maybe even inspires me to run again.

TV Brings Out My Vanity

Posted in library stuff, television on 20 May 08 by mikevc

As we get closer and closer to the Grand Opening of the library where I am in charge, I am having to do more and more TV spots. The prospect of going on TV itself doesn’t scare me. It is that I wish I could go on TV looking like I did ten years ago when I ran daily and did not live on a steady diet of fast food. When it all comes down to it and despite the gradual gain of the last ten years, I am still quite vain. So vain in fact that I don’t even watch myself when I do TV bits.

Another Book Meme

Posted in books on 28 April 08 by mikevc

So, here is another book-related meme I spotted on mamacita’s blog. Quick rules:

  1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the next three sentences.

Not too exciting in my case, but away we go:

The book is Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov, which I was inspired to start reading thanks to the last post. I bought Oblomov a year ago and never started it. So, it does have more than 123 pages. Here are the three sentences following the on page 123:

“The fascination of the Oblomovka atmoshphere, way of life, and habits extended to Verkyhlovo, which had also once belonged to the Oblomovs; except for Stolz’s house, everything there was imbued with the same primitive laziness, simplicity of customs, peace, and inertia. The child’s heart and mind had been filled with the scenes, pictures, and habits of that life long before he set his eyes on his first book. And who can tell when the development of a child’s intellect begins?”

Leave it to Russian Literature to take the fun out of a good meme.