The Bluegrass Punk Connection

I had no idea that Hilly Kristal, who unfortunately passed away verycb.jpg recently, originally opened CBGB with the hopes of booking Country, Bluegrass, and Blues (thus the name) bands. Apparently, he couldn’t find any to play and some of the early punk bands that blossomed there originally claimed to fit the bill. Very interesting. Also, it turns out OMFUG stands for “Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers”.

I found all this out in an 11 page thread discussing the similarities between Punk and Bluegrass, a point I have frequently made and folks just look at me as if I am nuts. Another interesting article looks at the banjo as the first truly punk rock instrument. It does seem that there are a huge number of punk aficionados who turn to the banjo and other bluegrass instruments in their early to late middle age.

I heartily agree with most of the points made. And if it will get folks to actually give BG a listen, I am willing to put this out there. However, the one place where the parallel seems to fall by the wayside is that bluegrass requires quite a bit of technical know how on your instrument; most punk does not.

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