Batchin’ It

I am flying solo for roughly next two weeks. L. and the boys are in VA. I will meet up with them at the end of the month when I head to D.C. for the annual ALA conference. The thing I am learning is that once you grow used to living with two kids and having a wife who is always available to share inane observations with it can be quite boring to be at home alone. I mean I have plenty of time for reading, blogging, and wasting time in general but after one night so much free time is a bit much.

Of course, these observations are all made while the Astros are on a road trip. Once they return to Minute Maid next week, I will be spending most nights working on my 43 Things goal of attending twenty ‘Stros games this year. And, I know the Astros are sucking royally right now (Thanks for reminding me, Bon) but I am a true fan and will still go. Plus, you’ve got to love that Hunter Pence.

Oh well, I will have to work on filling my time and look forward to seeing the family again.

One Response to “Batchin’ It”

  1. Welcome to my semi-Navy wife world.

    Btw, love the new blog style. Tres kewl.

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