Gaming – IIe Style

I had completely forgotten about the gaming I was engaged in on our old Apple IIe in the late ’80s until I read Otrops’ post. I remember that after we bought our IIe we went on a spending spree at some computer event at Palmer Auditorium and loaded up on games. I don’t remember many but I do remember spending hours playing Maniac Mansion in the piano/dining/computer room of our house in South Austin. I particularly liked the humor of the game; as an example, I remember the depressed young tentacle who only wanted to rock.  As I read Otrops’ post, nostalgia swept over me and I felt the need to introduce the young boys to the joys of Maniac Mansion. It is as much fun as I remember and Jonah really gets a kick out of the MM controls for the characters. Unfortunatley, I cannot remember how to beat Maniac Mansion and it does not look like I can save progress on the free downloadable version.


Oh well. I wish I could find the original version of Oregon Trail.

2 Responses to “Gaming – IIe Style”

  1. I thought that would happen!

    Did you know there was a sequel to Maniac Mansion? Day of the Tentacle.

    Oh, and if you find the original Oregon Trail, let me know.

  2. i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

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