Extremely Productive Weekend and Plans for More in the Future

This past weekend I had a three day weekend off from work. Jonah and I had plans to join his Tiger Scout group camping at Brazos Bend State Park with the gators. However, rain and 28 degree nighttime lows helped us rethink that. So, with three days in front of me what did I get accomplished. Rather a lot I think. Here is my list:

  1. Finally got the mandolin chord “chop” down to a point where I can comfortably play along with most bluegrass songs.
  2. Finished two good books on the state of the Democratic Party and how to fix it.
  3. Made plans for attending College Classic at Minute Maid Park.
  4. Most importantly, finished Super Mario Galaxy, which for my money is the best Mario game yet.

So, I notice this list is slightly self-centered. I am setting myself a goal that for every day I have off from here on out, I accomplish at least two things that benefit others (specifically, my family) and not just me (although Jonah and Toby did love playing SGM I am exempting video game from this).

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